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Conroy Scott is a full-service law firm with a focus on Real Estate, Corporate and Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, and Wills and Estates. We serve our clients’ best interests while providing advice and assistance in the following areas:

Civil Litigation Department

Civil Litigation is the area of law that deals with competing claims among individuals. It’s often referred to as “private law”. In other words, it regulates how private disputes between individuals or corporations are to be resolved.

Private law includes claims for loss, damage or injury in all fields other than administrative law (Transport Board, C.R.T.C. and all other Boards), public law (Employment Insurance, Welfare laws, Election laws, etc..) and criminal or quasi criminal law (Highway Traffic Act, Motorized Snowmobile Act, Occupational Health and Safety Legislation).

Civil law includes commercial and contract claims, insurance claims, personal injury claims, property claims, wills and estate claims, debt collection, and others. Because it is a very wide practice area, it is usually divided into sub-categories such as: insurance law, commercial law, etc. There are, however, basic matters of procedure which apply to the entire field of civil litigation.

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Corporate/Commercial Department

Corporate/Commercial law encompasses a broad spectrum of relationships.

Commercial law relates to business carried on for profit. Business may be conducted by corporations or by individuals, either alone or in partnership. Virtually all areas of law have an impact on business, but the most common areas are those relating to security agreements, contracts, employment, taxation, intellectual property, and licensing.

Partnership agreements are formal contracts by which participants in a business agree to manage their affairs, divide profits and bear losses, and add or withdraw participants. As an alternative, business corporations may form the vehicle through which business is conducted. The Articles of Incorporation and By-laws can be varied to address the needs of specific shareholders. Unanimous shareholder agreements are similar, in many respects, to partnership agreements within a corporate setting, generally to settle the manner in which the corporation will be run, often with clauses prohibiting some dealings in shares, and others providing for financing, board representation, indemnification, conduct of business, retirement and withdrawal with or without a “shotgun” clause or right of first refusal, audit, and general matters.

Corporations can be formed for various purposes under acts of Parliament or the Legislature. While the majority of corporations are created to carry on business for profit, some are formed to operate for charitable or non-profit purposes; others are intended to do no more than provide a structure within which the participants can conduct their affairs. A client’s present and future needs must be determined through focused consultation and a corporate structure must be built to suit those needs.

The Corporate/Commercial team at Conroy Scott LLP is available to satisfy all of your requirements for legal representation in this field. Our team is available to assist with the incorporation of companies, amalgamation and mergers of businesses, corporate reorganization, negotiation and drafting of buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, franchise agreements, commercial leases, and most other types of contracts and agreements.

The firm’s commitment to provide full-service legal representation includes litigation support for commercial matter.

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Real Estate Department

Real Estate Law encompasses residential and commercial purchases, sales, mortgages and refinances of real property.

Real property may be acquired by individuals or corporations. These transactions are generally initiated by an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, which is a written contract between a vendor and purchaser that sets out all of the pertinent details of the transaction, such as the purchase price, closing date, and conditions and obligations to be satisfied by the parties executing the contract.

Real estate conveyancing in Ontario has evolved to an electronic system, where transfer of title documents are created and registered online, eliminating the need to attend at a Land Registry Office and expediting the closing of transactions.

At Conroy Scott LLP, we offer a range of title insurance options through reputable title insurance companies. We are knowledgeable about the advantages and limitations of title insurance, as well as the searches that can be performed on properties. Want to learn more about how to protect your investment with title insurance? Visit this brochure from the FSCO on Understanding Title Insurance

Our team of lawyers and assistants understand that attention to detail is essential in a real estate transaction. We work with you to facilitate the closing of your deal effectively and skillfully, and we are prepared to answer all of your questions.

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Wills and Estates Department

From simple Wills to complex estate planning, our team of wills, trusts and estate solicitors can render knowledgeable and practical assistance to meet your requirements. In complex estate planning matters, these solicitors can call upon knowledgeable experts to assist them in the formulation of effective estate planning, or alternatively at your request, will work with your own financial advisors.

In accepting retainers, to act on behalf of an estate, the Conroy Scott LLP estate practitioners are in a position to render valuable legal assistance to the Estate Trustee and facilitate all manner of the administration of the estate, from Application for the Appointment of Estate Trustee, either with or without a Will, to advice regarding realization of the estate, the payment of the estate debts, any requisite income tax clearances and the ultimate distribution to the beneficiaries either with consent or subsequent to a passing of accounts.

In those rare instances where the administration proves litigious, knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals are available to prosecute or defend.

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Family Law Department

Family Law is the area of law that governs legal issues between spouses, parents and children, including divorce and separation, child custody and access, division or equalization of property, support, child protection and adoptions.

A family lawyer can assist clients with preparation of marriage contracts, separation agreements and provide guidance through family court proceedings.

Legal disputes between families can be very stressful, and our Family Law team will advocate for our client’s needs and negotiate favourable results.

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